How To Fix Financial Problems In 4 Steps


How can i Fix Financial Problems
How To Fix Financial Problems STEP I
How to fix your financial problems? First thing first, Pay all your debt! Make it zero! If you don't have any, well don't make it. Just focus on this thing, work on something, make your saving, start sell everything, and pay all your debt. Get used to live frugal below your mean. Forget the fake faking lifestyle, try to take 10–20% of your income if you can, and save the rest for the debt. Try to save as much as possible.


How can i Fix Financial Problems
How To Fix Financial Problems STEP II
After you passed STEP I, now things gonna be more interesting. You've change your lifestyle, you get used to live frugal, you've made some saving, you've paid the debt. Now it's time to invest in yourself. Keep make some saving but not for the debt. Use that saving to learn skills and education. Pick your interest, think of it: programming, design, golfer, music performer, startup, digital marketing, doctors, lawyer, investment bankers, gambler, trader, youtuber, blogger. Pick one that you love, talented and also wanted by lot of people. You have to love that skills so you can learn it with high intensity. You have to be talented in that skills so you can do it effortlessly. You go to have a lot of people want your skills and they want it and ready to pay for it.


How can i Fix Financial Problems
How To Fix Financial Problems STEP III
If you made it up here, then you must be already get some good or even maybe high income, above your country GDP. Remember, keep it with no fake faking lifestyle. Now it's time to make the money works. Learn some investment tools. Googling for BTC, forex, stocks, angel investing, private equity, property, venture capital, mutual fund, bond etc and start to invest. Calculate the risk. Do not store eggs in one basket, IYKWIM. Or you can hire a CFP, give him 1% a year of AUM (assets under management). So you can get 5–10% increase in assets annually.


How can iFix Financial Problems
How To Fix Financial Problems STEP IV
Now, lets talk about business. Learn some new skill. At this level, you want to learn business or management. Delegate your old skills to others, and get 5–20% of it and let them get the rest. If you follow these STEPS, you will get rich in 20–30 years from now.
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