7 Best and Deadliest Sniper Shots In History

7 Best and Deadliest Sniper Shots In the world
Best and Deadliest Sniper Shots In History
Have you ever wondered how snipers actually do their job?

Even if some of you probably don't fully
understand how hard it might be, after all they're responsible for the most important tasks during combat or war. In addition, they have to shoot from great distances in face, difficult conditions, and that's why only the best shooters become snipers. In this article we're going to show you the best and deadliest sniper shots in history, the ones that reach their target from incredibly long distances. Let's get it on hawk-eyed.

Best and Deadliest Sniper #7: Christopher Reynolds 

A sniper called Christopher Reynolds which other time was only 25 years old, shot a Taliban warlord from a distance of little more than a mile. The young shoes account on the roof of a local shop for three days, calculated the distance to the target and the wind speed, and then from a distance of one point 15 miles, was able to hit the warlord known as mullah. The bullet hit him right in the chest and moon was slumped into the arms of a stunned colleague after being shot. According some reports it was the second time Christopher tried to kill mullah. The first time, the shot wasn't good enough, but the second time, the goal was finally destroyed. The distance to the enemy was so huge that the Taliban didn't even have time to realize that they were being shot. Yeah, probably no one would have realized the sniper had killed more than 30 enemies, but accurate shot is now a part of human history.

Best and Deadliest Sniper #6: Unknown Shooter

Unknown Shooter Best and Deadliest Sniper in the world
Anonymous sniper of the South African army
This is the story of an anonymous sniper, the South African army. His credentials are top secret and even on the Internet is hard to find any information about them. Their sniper scored a series of successful shots each day. He used to end the life of five or six m23 rebel fighters each from a distance of more than a mile. Now it's clear where the soldiers name remains a mystery. No country will like to reveal the identity of such a good shooter, because no one wants to share such valuable human resources resourceful sniper

Best and Deadliest Sniper #5: Carlos Hathcock
Carlos Hathcock Best and Deadliest Sniper in the world
Carlos Hathcock is the famous sniper from the United States Army

Carlos Hathcock is one of the most famous shooters in the history of the United States Army. He became famous for his participation in the Vietnam War. Well, he managed to make a lots of heroic shots. He was characterized, not his accuracy, but also by his mental resourcefulness. Have you know, snipers usually used special rifles as weapons, but Carlos Hathcock went a step further. Instead of a sniper rifle, this damn good shooter used a Browning MC machine gun. Previously placing it on an optical sight, the result was impressive. The shooter managed to hit the enemy from a distance of more than a mile. Interestingly, the Vietnamese gave hath taught the nickname white feather for his habits of wearing a feather in his hat, and despite the fact he didn't follow the generally accepted rules of sniper - camouflage the shooter, wasn't caught, mysterious shot.

Best and Deadliest Sniper #4: Brian Creamer
Brian Creamer Best and Deadliest Sniper
One of The Best and Deadliest Sniper in the world

The next sniper in our list is Mr. Brian Creamer. This time we're talking about the famous Iraq war, where American sniper, Brian Creamer, arrived with the second range of its Hallion. Unfortunately, the exact mission of his regiment remains a mystery. The one thing we know for sure, Creamer killed his target from a distance of an entire 1.4 miles, can you imagine? He deservedly became famous and then the title of best shooter of the operation, but who was his target and what weapon did he use is something that remains a mystery.

Best and Deadliest Sniper #3: Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry Best and Deadliest Sniper in the world
Canadian Sniper Team including Aaron Perry

The operation anaconda, which took place in Afghanistan in spring of 2002, gave Canadian sniper Aaron Perry the opportunity to break several records. Can be thanked in all kinds of ways by his bosses not in vain, this user is known as the intuitive sniper. He killed his target focusing only on the sun's reflection on the enemy's weapons. The risk to miss was huge, that Perry needed just one shot to kill the enemy from distance of one point four eight miles, not bad right.

Best and Deadliest Sniper #2: Rob Furlong
Rob Furlong Best and Deadliest Sniper in the world
Robert Furlong, canadian best sniper

High skilled shooter, Rob Furlong was better than his colleague - Aaron Perry - just by a few feet, he killed his target from a distance of 1.5 miles. Interestingly enough so long is also from Canada and he also established his record during the operation at a conduct at the same time, Perry was there. This operation turned out to be rich in sniper records. The fact that is shot a moving target from such a distance can be considered a real wonder. Well, all deft hands despite the distance from his target Rob Furlong, still says Alice's record, but some time later he was forced to resign from the army because of endless interrogations, and child probably. The iron nerve sniper cannot withstand the paperwork

Best and Deadliest Sniper #1: Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison Best and Deadliest Sniper
The longest recorded sniper shot is Corporal Craig Harrison

The Sharpshooter and the winner of the best shooter award in the category of the longest recorded sniper shot is corporal of horse, Craig Harrison of the British Army. In November, as the night during a battle in Afghanistan, Harrison managed to kill with two direct shots for Taliban machine gunners from a distance of 1.53 miles, but it didn't stop there, and with a third shot he destroys the machine gun. So it was a demonstration of perfect accuracy, three shots, three targets destroyed. However, in an interview with the BBC, Harrison said that he needed night citing shots and only after that, he achieved such results. He also noted that the weather conditions were ideal, windless conditions and clear visibility. But we believe he shouldn't be so humble so for now. Craig Harrison is the absolute record holder among snipers.
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